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"People ignores design that ignores people"

" People ignores design that ignores people"
Frank Chimero

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Beaconsfield house

Neutrality by whiting Architects

   Whiting Architects is an architecture and interiors design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

   They are the author of Beaconsfield house,this neutral house located in Melbourne. They were asked to create ‘a piece of serenity in the city’ for professional couple and frequent travellers.

   Whiting Architects created an interior landscape through the insertion of objects into the space. "We like to break down the traditional notions of door & wall & replaced them in areas with box forms & planes. We aim for long gestures to accentuate a quality of space, create focal points and axis much like traditional urban planning, we just adjust size & scale to suit" They said.

   They wanted the user to 'curate' the space they helped to create; so they can bring things to their 'personal museum' and they bring things and arrange these things. They facilitate a 'process of operation' helping them to programme the way they live. In this context it becomes a very natural process, like nesting

   Enjoy the pictures!

(Photography: sharyn Cairns)

Find out more about them in their website just clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed !!

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