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"People ignores design that ignores people"

" People ignores design that ignores people"
Frank Chimero

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Model or dolls house?

Let´s play dolls again!

   I wanted to share this miniio project, as I felt in love with it at the first view.

   I can not really tell if the reason why I love it is that I am still keeping alive the kid inside of me or just my love for design But this made me feel that I want to play with dolls again!

   Two mums and designers are the creators/authors of this fantastic design dolls house. I guess they felt like they were just creating a model for one of their projects.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Ascend to the heaven

  Few days ago friend of mine asked me what kind of stairs would fit in her house. 

  Stairs is something necessary when there are more than just one floor and, in the past, except of some public and well known projects, not many designers or architects were taking care to get a good design on this field, as it was thought that it was just something functional.

  Luckily nowadays when stairs are needed they become an important part of the project so their design is projected carefully.

  In this post I wanted to share with you few of the stairs that caught my attention due to design, to space, to materials... 

Hope you enjoy!
Some of them are just harmonic, even when complicated they still manage to be clean and makes a corridor area become the key of the home design.

Managing the space and the steps we can get the next floor without any wasted space.
Stairs can be stairs, can be shelves, can be sculpture... imagining is free.
Or they can be a wardrobe
Or it can became even the focus, key and center of a whole interior design project.

It can be hidden and still proud of itself.

Stairs world is huge! hope you enjoyed!

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