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"People ignores design that ignores people"

" People ignores design that ignores people"
Frank Chimero

Friday, 28 February 2014

DIY copper tube

Four great DIY projects with copper! 

2---->   HANGER RACK
3---->   LAMP 
4---->   HOOKS 

This is easy, made with natural elements (mainly copper pipe fitting), no need of many tools and I think it looks pretty cool!!!

Go to your closest plumbing shop, tools shop or home repair shop and start the fun.
Are you ready?
                           * * *
Cuatro fantásticos proyectos hechos con cobre que puedes hacer tú mismo de una manera muy sencilla.
2---->   PERCHERO
3---->   LÁMPARA

Es muy muy fácil, el resultado encaja en cualquier tipo de deco y queda súpernatural ( sólo se necesitan conexiones de cobre que se pueden comprar en cualquier ferretería), no necesitas herramientas sofisticadas y queda de maravilla!
¿Estáis preparados para saber cómo hacerlo?

* * * CANDLEHOLDER * * *

All you need is:
- Copper pipe fitting
- Silicone
- Wooden bar 

(via: Skönahem)

* * * HANGER RACK * * *

All you need is:
- Copper pipe fitting
- Silicone
- Wooden bar 

* * * LAMP * * *

All you need is:
- quick cement
- copper tube in 30 cm and 20 cm
- a straight piece as copper tube connection
- one 45° piece of copper tube connection
- a cable with a plug
- a light fixture (mine has a toggle switch included which is quite handy)
- a light bulb
- an old ice-cream box (empty, of course but I’m sure that’s not a problem for you)
- a drill
- a screw driver (to build the light fixture)

* * * HOOKS * * *

All you need is:
- Copper pipe fitting
- Wooden bar 
- Screw

(via: bambula)

Enjoy Doing It Yourself !!!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

La vie en rose!

Color Code:   *Pink  *Grey  *Black   *white

   Normally, I tend to go for a neutral palette, as I find myself more comfortable in a total white interior with some wooden touch, but...
Doesn't it make a perfect match?
   *Pale pink color is giving the romantic side, the sweetest, the warm, the calm, peace and lovely side of the balance. 
   *Black color is giving just the opposite one: dusk, gloomy, shadowy and mainly loads of contrast. Low doses of it equilibrates the sickly sweet of pink color.
   *And grey is just calming down, giving the harmony to the aggressive relationship between both of them.
   *White just needs to be there...

                                    * * *

   Confieso que, por norma general, tiende a gustarme una paleta de colores muy neutra, ya que me siento mucho más cómoda en los interiores total White a los que la madera aporta ese toque de calidez que el color blanco necesita para no resultar frío, pero...
¿Y esta paleta no forma un combo perfecto?
   *El rosita palo aporta romanticismo, dulzura, calidez, calma, paz y muestra el lado más encantador de la balanza.
   *El negro aporta justo lo contrario: oscuridad, pesimismo, sombra y, principalmente, mucho contraste. En bajas dosis equilibra lo empalagoso del rosa.
   *Y el gris lo calma todo, proporciona la armonía a la agresiva relación entre ambos.
   *Por último, el blanco: tiene que estar...


Get the look with acapulco chair. You can find it available in pink, grey, white and black color (and much more!). To find it online just click on here.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Höst, design and food.

A restaurant that looks like a farm.

   This time I wanted to write a post that joins two of my  passions:
design & food.

   I always enjoyed finding new interiors and restaurants with a good design in every city I visited. That is the reason why I love The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, which is a UK and international competition, now in its fifth year, and world's only event dedicated exclusively to the design of food and drink spaces.

   Like this I discovered Höst, the first Danish restaurant to win the annual R&BD Award and one of the great winners in that competition as the best restaurant in Europe.

   Host is the result of Norm Architects design studio and Menu studio, together with Cofoco restauranteur. Located in the centre of Copenhagen, it expresses everything that could be categorised as “Nordic”, and is the exquisite result of clashes: romantic yet modern, urban yet rural and rustic yet simplistic. It holds a very special place in people’s hearts because of its multiple stories, mixed inspirations and natural materials recreated the quietness of a farm in the heart of the city.

   Norm Architects ( this studio that I really love and that deserved time ago another of my post that you can still read when clicking -------->> HERE)even created a whole complete and specific tableware for this restaurant, based on the same concept and feeling. You can buy it online here

   No wonder about their success. Simplicity, good design and natural elements all together makes always a perfect team. 

   I hope you are luckiest than me and try it, then please, tell me about the experience!!(Don´t worry about I am gonna die of jealousness).

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